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Welcome to Vtuber Lore!

I often stream on Twitch as my little Vtuber/PNGTuber persona called Vair!

I play anything I'm interested in at the time or draw commissions or personal art! Come join the Lair and chat with Vair! Enjoy the shenanigans!

You're welcome to commission a Vtuber/PNGTuber from me, or any Twitch related art from me too, including emotes, panels and overlays!

Check out how your commission can look on the Commissions tab! Also, be sure to properly read the T&Cs if you want to commission me, so we can quickly get to the fun stuff! 

Vair's Lore Story

Born 113th in line of succession for the Demon Realm, Vair knew she may have to wait millenniums to ascend to the throne. Along with her dozens of brothers and sisters, in accordance with the royal tradition, this demon-cat eagerly studied the ancient dark arts. Preceding her siblings exponentially in skill, over the passing centuries, she became vain and overconfident in her abilities. Seeking more knowledge and power, she snuck into the Demon King's personal library, and with each successful, undetected trip, she grew greedier. Every consumed passage, every scroll, every tome brought her closer to the level of her father's impossible power. Then it happened; the inevitable. 


The Demon King's devastating presence materialised into the chamber in a bloody, smokey fog. The surprise in his eyes met Vair's, her whole body suddenly trembling in fear. As he took a step forward, her heart lunged to her throat as she stumbled back, falling onto the cobbled floor. This wasn't how it was supposed to go. She was supposed to crush anyone standing in the way of her seizing the throne! She wanted her father's first sight of her to be his last! An image of her laughing at his mangled face just before she overthrew him. But as her mind raced, eyes darting to escape routes, she noticed it was the Demon King that was laughing. He was amused. Vair gritted her teeth, as anger rose in her chest, at his underestimation of her prowess. Eyes boring into his, she chanted an incantation under her breath, her palms bursting ablaze with blue flames. With the vision of her undisputed future flooding her mind, she lunged at her father.


Vair's flames roared as she swung at the King, heat radiating towards her as they exploded on impact. Her skin burned as she sent an enormous barrage of attacks at her father. This wouldn't last long. She was too fast, and he couldn't even move. Knowledge of her absolute domination of this once powerful Demon planted a smirk across her face. Soon she would be Queen. Her breath suddenly left her lungs as a force hit her chest, catapulting her body across the room. Vair felt her skull crack on impact, as she collided with the wall. She fell limply to the ground. 


A booming laugh erupted from the epicentre of the detonation. 
"You really are something! Truly!" 
It was the Demon King, footsteps drawing closer.
"I haven't laughed like this in millennia!"
Vair tried desperately to lift herself from the ground. Blood dripping from her chin as she dipped in and out of consciousness. Then, the familiar force lifted her up into the air, positioning her floating body parallel to her fathers.
"You invade my study, steal knowledge, and attack your Ruler? I should have you torn limb from limb for treason." 
The force squeezed her body tighter, forcing Vair to cough up blood. 
"But... but..."
The Demon King wagged his finger and chuckled. The grip loosened and Vair gasped for air.
"I can't help but feel compelled by your ambition. It's admirable! You crave power so you seek to attain it at any cost!"
His gaze finally hardened as he looked at her.
"If you want it so bad, I'll give it to you."


The floor below Vair bubbled, turning to a viscous void. She felt herself being dragged down by its pull, her mind and body splitting. She chanted, setting her hands ablaze once more as she fought against it. As if the void heard her words, flames erupted from within it, engulfing her in an infernal serpentine. She screamed as the fire clung tightly to her skin. She could feel a scorching energy entering her being, the void's overwhelming power becoming her own. It was excruciatingly painful, yet felt like ecstasy. Her cry morphed into a sick twist of pain and pleasure, as her body contorted and burned. Her bellows echoed through the library, growing weaker and quieter with each passing minute. 


When the flames finally faded, Vair's unrecognisable, lifeless body dropped towards the void which lurched toward her, enveloping her in a black, cocoon. Her father crouched beside the dark lump, looking at it aloofly. 


"There's your power." 


Years passed in darkness. Vair bit off more than she could chew. She didn't fight the energy, she embraced it. Welcomed it, even! She wanted it so intensely, and it consumed her. She was a fool. Her own hubris led to her demise. 


As another decade flew by, the darkness grew fainter, yet never quite vanishing. Vair's eyes fluttered open. The world seemed different. Darker, heavier, colder. She felt the power of the void within her and immediately remembered the events that had transpired prior to her black-out. She should be dead. As she hung her head in bitter shame, she heard a metallic clink. Around her scarred neck and body were leather bounds and chains, covered in faint runic inscriptions. Vair cursed under her breath knowingly, and chanted a spell. A weak flame ignited in her palms, flickering in the wind. She's been bound. Extinguishing the blue with the curl of her fist, she looked around, realising she was no longer at the library. This was the Overworld, and she's been banished.


Centuries passed in the Overworld, and Vair slowly grew accustomed to her human life. After being scorned and hunted for her demonic appearance, she altered her semblance to blend in with those of this realm. Unable to properly conjure dark magic, she was forced to lead a simple, slow life, becoming more mellow as time flowed on. She noticed that spikes of her emotions led to the energy from the void to grow restless and take control of her momentarily. To avoid becoming consumed by the void and losing herself, Vair turned to covering herself in soft, oversized clothes that obscure the icy chains that restrain her powers, creating a sense of security and calm for her. 


Now living in the 21st century of the human world, she passes her time on the internet, choosing to focus her energy on new hobbies, like gaming and painting, in hopes to one day return to the Demon Realm as Queen. Until her time of succession comes, she's enjoying her carefree, somewhat human, life.

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