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By Commissioning me you are accepting my Terms and Conditions


I take commission payments through Paypal in EUR.
Conversion rates can be calculated through PayPal.

Shipping rates for traditional artworks vary depending on size of the artwork and your location and increase the total price of the commission.


   By commissioning me you automatically agree to my terms of service.

  • My terms and conditions may change without any forewarning. 

  • I have the right to decline my services and not provide a reason.

  • I require payment upfront before I work on commissions.

  • You will receive a rough sketch of your commission for approval before I finalise it.

  • During the sketch phase you have the right to make up to three adjustments, anymore and you will be charged £10.00 for every new consecutive change you make. Any changes after the sketch has been approved may be very hard or impossible to make. If I am able to make them, each new change will cost an extra £20.00.

  • To avoid paying extra, please give me as much detail and specifics about the commission, such as posing, accessories, backgrounds and other such details. 

  • I will charge extra for overly complex designs.

  • Please wait for approval of your commission before paying. Only when I have accepted your commission and sent you an invoice, where I will ask for payment.

  • Completing the commission may take up to a month, depending on my schedule and the complexity of the piece. Larger pieces may take longer than a month. For early deadlines (i.e., birthdays, holiday gifts, etc.) or larger pieces with specific deadlines I may charge extra.

  • By commissioning a NSFW art piece you confirm that you are above 18 years of age at the time of submitting a request.

  • Other than cropping my art for avatars/icons my permission is needed for any edits of my artworks.

  • I must be credited for my work when exhibited non-commercially and commercially.

  • My prices are decided per commission and are non-negotiable. Do not try to haggle me to lower my price.

  • I retain the rights to all my artwork.

  • I retain all ownership of my artwork.

  • If your non-commercial commission is found to be used commercially, or without my explicit permission, I will ask for it to be removed. If my artwork is still not removed after I ask for you to take it down, I will be perusing legal action. Using non-commercial artwork commercially is illegal.

  • To use my art commercially, you must have explicit permission or have bought a license from me. Contact me on for commercial business inquiries.



  • If, during the commission process, I decide that I cannot complete your commission, you will receive all or a percentage of your money back, depending on how much work I had completed – this is decided at my discretion. You will receive a digital copy of the art at the point where the progress ended.

  • If you decide you no longer want to work with me, for whatever reason, after payment has been sent, you will not receive a refund. You will receive a digital copy of the unfinished artwork.

  • Do not send the payment to me as a gift, as this goes against PayPal’s TOS. You are paying for goods and services. If you wish to support me without commissioning me, I do have a Patreon or Twitch where you can donate to me.

  • I only accept money through Paypal with GBP.

  • Final prices are non-negotiable. 

  • I will not start work until I am paid. I hold no obligation to work on your commission until proper payment is received.

  • Art trades or exposure are not an acceptable form of payment. 

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