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My name is Victoria (Vair) Barglik, and I'm a graduating 2D Animation student, studying at the University of Hertfordshire in the UK. 

I have been drawing ever since I can remember and am still learning a lot every day - I enjoy creating traditional and digital works often desaturated in colour or pastel, which you can check out on my TikTok and Instagram. If you're interested in Commissioning me, you're welcome to shoot me a dm! Don't forget to look at my T&Cs where you can find a lot of details regarding commissioning me!

I mostly paint traditionally and digitally, but I am also very comfortable in 2D animation, and I sometimes dabble in 3D modelling and game design. I am in the process of creating my own game for my final project, so be sure to check out my socials for updates about that!

Follow my social media @thevairlair or check out my Patreon!

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